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Taco Gosens
Taco Gosens, MD, PhD orthopaedic surgeon (upper limb surgery, hip surgery, tendon disorders) St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg Dept of Orthopaedics and Traumatology After receiving the orthopaedic training by E. van Langelaan, A. Tonino, and R. Geesink, a fellowship in upper limb surgery was followed in Nottingham UK under supervision of A. Wallace an L. Neumann. He obtained his PhD degree with successful defence of his thesis on The Mallory-Head hydroxyapatite coated femoral prosthesis: Studies on patient outcome, radiology and bone density. Since January 2004 T. Gosens has a general orthopaedic and traumatologic practice in a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands, associated with 6 other orthopaedic surgeons. In this group the subspecialty division is such that T. Gosens is co-responsible for the training of the residents and responsible for the clinical orthopaedic research program, next to running an upper limb surgery practice, with a large percentage of sport specific injuries. Apart from the interest and research projects in upper limb surgery, the biological treatment of tendon injuries takes a large part of the sports medicine practice and research effort. Multiple papers on international as well as national congresses were presented on the topic of the use of PRP injections in tennis elbows. Today an multicenter RCT is being conducted by him on the use of PRP in plantar fasciitis, and multiple cohorts are followed for the application of PRP in various tendons.

Is PRP de oplossing bij weke delen en kraakbeen letsels?

Plaatjesrijk plasma (PRP) is een nieuwe technologie die het proces van weefselgenezing beoogt te beïnvloeden door chemotactische, proliferatieve en anabole cellulaire reacties te stimuleren...